Travel and Work – To Mix or Not to Mix

There is a growing trend of mixing travel and work. A lot of people are going for flexible work hours in order to squeeze in more time for travelling. While it is now possible to travel while working or earn money from travel, there are instances when it’s just not practical to mix the two.

Travel for Work or Leisure – Know the Difference

Some people boast about simultaneously doing travel and work. If you’re the type of person who finds joy in your work because it allows you to travel, well and good.  But work is work. It eats up your leisure time – time you should be spending for yourself (alone) or with your loved ones.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that traveling for work is already a leisure in itself. Unless you had a few hours or days solely dedicated for relaxing, without your boss or client calling you, or without you constantly hooked up online, checking emails and doing web research, you’re really not having a leisure at all. You’re maybe in some place nice, such as a hotel or resort, but you’re still working and you don’t own your time while there.

When Traveling with Family – Don’t Work

Another pitfall with being able to travel for work is that some people take their family with them during these trips, or meet up with them somewhere. Some companies may allow this, and even go to the point of financing the so-called family trip. Still, they demand that work or assignment be accomplished, and this impedes bonding with family and spending quality time with your spouse and children.

Freelancers are also prone to travel with family and end up working the whole time. They just can’t travel to a place where there’s no or poor wifi or Internet connection. They can’t visit a remote place where phone signal is inexistent. In short, their travel destinations are limited to where they remain wired. Eventually, they end up working during the entire trip and not relaxing at all.

If you should travel, travel alone when you intend to work during the trip. Only schedule a trip with loved ones or for some me-time if you can keep yourself from connecting to the Internet and answering your phone even for just a day or two.