South Africa Travel Tips Guide

Everything Tourists Need to Know Before Visiting South Africa

As aforementioned, visiting South Africa is a worthwhile experience as there’s so much that one can do while visiting. Due to the availability of numerous activities to do and tourist attraction sites to see, it is easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed by the available options. Therefore, it is important to plan properly before taking the trip to South Africa. While making plans, it is useful to know what exactly one wants to get or experience during the trip. If a tourist wants to

  • Visit the spectacular landscapes in the country;
  • See the glorious wildlife;
  • Sample the country’s widely renowned and praised wines;
  • Or even delve into the country’s complex apartheid history, it is crucial to plan well in advance so as to make optimal use of their time while in the country.

While it is extremely difficult to experience all the beautiful sceneries and other magnificent tourist attractions in South Africa in one vacation, this guide will definitely help tourists to plan well for their trip for the best experience.

Visiting Cape Town City

Ranging from the attractive scenic views of the table mountain to the peninsula in the Indian Ocean full of stunning wildlife, Cape Town has one of the most superb-looking natural sites worth visiting. Any tourist planning to visit South Africa should definitely spend a considerable duration of their trip to Cape Town. It is advisable to take a full city tour to explore all the far-flung tourist sites such as the Boulder’s Beach and the Cape Peninsula.

Cape Town is South Africa’s cultural heart, just like Johannesburg – is the country’s economic heart. The city is the most visited in South Africa as there are innumerable activities to keep visitors engaged while on their vacation in South Africa. One of the most notable tourist attractions is Robben Island that is now dedicated to telling the apartheid and colonial stories of South Africa and the struggle to independence.

It is advisable to use the help of a tour guide to enjoy the experience of visiting the city. Tour guides are particularly helpful in leading tourists to fascinating sites without getting lost. Additionally, tour guides understand the local culture perfectly well, and thus tourists do not have to struggle with having to ask strangers questions. Besides, communicating with locals is extremely difficult for tourists since they do not understand the Shona Language. This is another reason why it is advisable to use the help of city tour guides. Alternatively, tourists can translate English to Shona and vice versa, when trying to communicate with the locals. The translation option, however, is daunting and time-wasting, and thus tourists might not enjoy their experience fully due to communication barrier.

Going on Safaris

South Africa has numerous options for safaris. One can go on safari in the vast plains that are home to Kruger National Park or visit the game reserves of Hluhluwe-Imfolozi. For a safari to be successful in South Africa, a tourist has to do extra careful planning with aspects such as the accommodation and destination well-panned in advance.

The top option is when it comes to safaris in the Kruger National Park. The National Park is the largest with tracts of land stretching to about 20,000 square kilometers. The park has, virtually, all forms of wildlife from the most attractive fauna, such as the Big 5, to the most stunning flora. Another option that is preferred by most tourists is the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and National Park. This park is loved by visitors since it is easily accessible from the city of Cape Town.

KwaZulu-Natal is another renowned region that provides tourists with great options for safaris. In the KwaZulu-Natal region, specifically, the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve is a great option for going on safaris. In this game reserve, there are all the Big 5 animals. This is in addition to a broad range of other species of flora and fauna. Here, human history can also be discovered. There’s evidence of human ancestry that can be traced back to the Stone Age.

Tips on What to Carry and How to Follow the Herds

In making preparations for the safari, it is advisable to pack light clothing that is also naturally colored and easy to layer. The country has temperate weather. Nevertheless, it is important to be well prepared for cold nights and rain. Visitors should also remember to carry protection from the hot scorching sun and bug repellents to keep bugs off their skin. Some essential personal items such as wet wipes and non-electronic entertainment, such as board games or magazines, are a great idea. The entertainment is useful to keep the visitors busy when the animals are spending some downtime so as to conserve energy.

That being said, there are a lot more tips that visitors can use to prepare effectively for their trip to South Africa, depending on the season. Tourists are encouraged to conduct their research and consult traveling agencies for more in-detail preparation tips for their trips. The above-mentioned tips are still helpful to tourists looking to visit South Africa any time soon.