Rumor: Bears and Patriots are in talks about a Matt Forte trade

According to a report that has been accurate of late in the news and rumor and gossip reporting business the Bears are talking with teams to trade Matt Forte.  The report comes from a twitter account that I was clued into via one of my followers.

The report is simple the Bears are in talks with the New England Patriots about a trade involving Forte for a second round pick and a fourth round pick.  The report insists that the trade talks have picked up in the last 48 hours witht he only snag being the Bears insisting on an additional high pick in either this year’s or next year’s draft.  The report goes on to state that the talks seem to be fairly strong in nature and the incarcerated bob twitter sources expects to get a deal done fairly soon.

I don’t know how accurate or legit the account is but it sounds like it’s been pretty accurate over the last week regarding some other sports news.  I also can’t say I have any other source on this matter other than this twitter handle connected to this website.  There is no Bears beat writer account or rumor confirming or nothing else.

Be that as it may what is making decide to report this rumor is the Brandon Marshall trade.  The idea or rumor at the time was the Bears trading two third round draft picks for Marshall.  This year’s third round draft picks, which I summarily dismissed.  Mud in my eye since the Bears did one better trading next year and one of this year’s third round picks for Marshall instead.

Phil EmerySomething else that makes me think that this trade rumor may have legs is the article from the Chicago Sun Times.  The report seemed absolute coming from Ted Phillips.  In the report Phillips states “”But we feel we’ve made a strong offer to him, and are still hopeful he accepts it.”  That statement from Phillips doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of room for negotiation.  The statement doesn’t say they are in ongoing negotiations, that statement says they have made a strong fair offer that they feel Forte should accept.  I wonder if this is an offer that Forte must accept, or that the Bears are going to trade him away instead?

While I don’t like to deal in hyperbole or rumors I feel like I should at least put this out there for a point of discussion.  Do the Bears trade Matt Forte to the Patriots and Tom Brady?  Is a second round and a fourth round pick a good deal for the Bears?  Are they right to insist on more in terms of this trading away of Matt Forte?  Do you have the confidence in first year, first EVER general manager Phil Emery to not get fleeced by the Patriots in a deal for Forte?

This is the report and the talk from Phillips is how I interpreted things as they state with Forte.  The Bears may very well be in talks to trade Forte, we don’t know because the Bears have done a superb early job of keeping things locked up at Halas Hall under Emery.

At the very least this news is something to watch especially as the draft gets closer, trade talks typically tend to heat up the closer the draft draws near.