Draft Countdown Live Virtual Draft Tonight

Draft Countdown

I’ll be playing armchair GM tonight and for the next few nights during a live mock draft on draftcountdown.com.  Of course yours truly will be running the Chicago Bears’ draft so I’ve been getting my big board in order to see what I can do to get the Bears the best virtual draft possible.

I’ve never even done a mock draft in any other form but this form and this will be my first time attempting this type of draft of any sort.

Needless to say I am excited to be able to participate in this draft format even more because it truly makes you think like a GM because things will change in front of you and behind you.  It’s easy to put together a mock draft on your own based on how you yourself thinks a team in the NFL is thinking, what obviously makes this unique is I can’t honestly know for certain what the guy in front of me is going to do.

I am willing to be upfront about what I am thinking for this draft as far as where I might go when the Bears’ are on the clock:

DE:  Let’s be honest it doesn’t take a genius to realize the Bears are going to be seeking a pass rusher to play opposite Julius Peppers, and I’m thinking this way too.  Based on my twitter feed I’m sure most of you are pretty familiar with how I’m thinking.

CB:  This is still a position of need even after the Bears signed two CBs and re-signed Tim Jennings.  You can never have too many CBs who can cover especially when you have the Packers, Giants, Lions and Saints to deal with in order to make a run at an NFC Title.

WR:  Devin Thomas, Eric Weems, Brandon Marshall?  That’s all fine and dandy but only one of these new additions is going to help the Bears win football games by catching passes from Jay Cutler.  What’s one of the best way to beat the Packers, Saints, Lions and Giants?  Add to the offensive fire power of your team while already recognizing the Bears’ defense is better than those four teams.

OL:  I guess you can call this the no duh position of need for the Bears.

DT:  I have a bias towards the hogs on both sides of the ball, it almost tickles my fancy that the Bears get to draft another DT because I love scouting these guys.  There’s a lot of intriguing one gap DTs in this draft meaning the Bears will find a good rotational guy who can become a starter in the next two to three years.

LB:  The position of strength that desperately needs talented youth behind it.  Briggs’ one year extension helps but you could almost see the Bears drafting someone in the same way they drafted Urlacher.  Draft a player to play the SAM position who in the future will become the MIKE.  Nick Roach can play all three positions in this defense and his value would be as the primary backup.

Safety:  The Bears draft a safety nearly every year that Lovie Smith has been the coach, will I follow the same train of thought and add a safety?

Comments analysis and criticisms will be welcome after each and every pick.  Please be thorough in your responses and expand upon your negativity with something more than “you suck”.  Let’s make this a fun discussion for everyone and even take it so far as to take notes and then grade the picks three to four years from now when it will really matter.