Chicago Bears hire Marc Trestman as head coach

The Chicago Bears have decided on their new head coach replacement for Lovie Smith, after a two weeks coaching search.  Marc Trestman who has an extensive background in the NFL as an offensive coordinator and QB coach became the early front runner to replace Smith and never lost that spot. 

Trestman came in and wowed Emery during his initial interview and spent even more time with Emery during his second interview.  A process that seemed to be thorough and expansive now seems to have boiled down to one interview impression from a head coach that's long been out of the NFL. 

Trestman has received glowing endorsements from two former quarterbacks for his offensive creativity and his ability to develop  quarterbacks.  He has no previous NFL head coaching experience despite a 25 year career in the NFL. 

Trestman, who has been fired from every NFL job he ever had was at times thought to be too much like a college professor rather than a football coach.  He doesn't fit all of the qualities of pulling people together in an emotional way, but is a well developed Xs and Os guy. 

His offenses in the NFL rated highly but were at times seen as too complex while not doing enough to attack deep down the field.  His offense is a West Coast passing attack, a system the Bears ran under Ron Turner during the 2009 season.  The short  route passing game is at times oriented towards making your receivers make plays like runningbacks.  Receivers catch two to four yard passes and then are asked to make yards after the catch runs. 

Jerry Rice best described Trestman's offense after his stint with the 49ers, an offense that Trestman has kept in place during his stints in Arizona and Oakland.  Rice's account is the only  non-public relations style account of Trestman's tenure in the NFL. 

Has Trestman's offense evolved since he left the NFL?  Most coaches like Mike Martz, Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer never change up the type of coaches they were even after losing their jobs. NFL coaches rarely evolve, they're creatures of habit and stubbornness.  How will that play in today's NFL with Trestman being otu of the NFL since 2004?

Trestman has seemingly rebuilt his image the longer he's been away from the game.  Serving as a QB coach for college QBs preparing for the  NFL combine as well as their Pro Days.  He's won two Grey Cups in the eight team Canadian football league as head coach of the Montreal Allouetes. 

The discussion now turns to who will Trestman retain or bring aboard as an assistant coaches?  None of his key CFL coaches have NFL coaching experience, meaning he may have to cat a wide net to find current coaches or coaches out of work to land on his staff. 

Regardless of Trestman's reputation either positive or negative, what he'll have to do is get the most out of Jay Cutler.  Steps will have to be taken in order to get Cutler to play at a higher level or at the highest level of his career.  The onus is now on Cutler to become the type of QB he's expected to be, or this could be the last season he'll be the quarterback for the Chicago Bears.