Bears may look to trade up in the draft with the Seahawks

Quinton  Coples

A report today out by Tony Pauline the draft insider for states that the Seattle Seahawks who hold the 12th overall selection in the NFL draft may be looking to trade down.   The Bears trading up from 19th to the 12th selection seems like a realistic possibility and would put the Bears in a more favorable position to address needs.

The Bears are in the dead zone area of the NFL draft when it comes to finding talent to meet two needs offensive tackle and wide receiver.  Any smart NFL franchise knows it’s not in the best interest to over reach and draft a player not of strong value for that draft selection.

A willing trading partner in the Seahawks would put the Bears in a far better position.  Moving up could cost the Bears their other third round draft pick and possibly an additional late round selection.  Given that the Bears may want to address more needs in the mid rounds of the draft they may not want to give up two picks to move seven spots.

However there is a lot more in play at 12 than at 19.  The Bears would instantly be in the mix for Reily Reiff considered by some as a starting LT, that would move them past the Arizona Cardinals who are also looking at an OT possibility.  Also in this area the Bears would be in position to grab the second best CB on the board ahead of the Dallas Cowboys who are in the market for a CB.  This move would also ensure that the Bears could be in play for David DeCastro who many consider to be one of the best guard prospects to come out for the draft in a decade.  The Bears also could find themselves in the range of Michael Floyd and most certainly put themselves in the range of Luke Kuechly and the best pass rushers in the draft also would be in that range.

The even bigger question is would moving up to 12 put the Bears back in the range to possibly land Michael Floyd to play opposite Brandon Marshall?  Floyd’s stock has been on a meteoric rise since he ran so well at the combine and in that time frame has put himself in the best WR conversation with Justin Blackmon.

The main competition to move up to the 12th slot will likely come from a team anxious to pursue Ryan Tannehill as their QB of the future.  Trading up seven spots would put the Bears in a far better position to land an immediate impact player at a position of need, but would the cost be too steep to make that leap into the Top-15?

However the wealth of talented options at the 12th overall spot in the draft would put the Bears in a better position to draft a player who would make an immediate impact.  This type of bold move would require a lot of confidence in the current make up of the Bears’ 53-man roster.  The question that would be answered is if the Bears are a team that is geared towards winning now, or if they are looking towards the future.