Bears Match Up to Watch Gabe Carimi vs. Brandon Mebane

Welcome to the world of the interior of the offensive line Gabe Carimi.   Your first task in your first career start as a starting right guard, a position you've never played before, is keeping Pro Bowl defensive tackle Brandon Mebane out of the backfield.  

Mebane has been one of the best young defensive tackles in the NFL each of the last three seasons, and he's having his best season to date.  Yes J'Marcus Webb will be responsible for dealing with a very good defensive end in Chris Clemmons, but the key to any offensive attack is being able to run between the tackles, and keeping interior rushers out of Cutler's face.  If Cutler has no room to step up in the pocket, if Forte and Bush can't get room up the middle it's going to be a long day.  

Further complicating your task is your height, at 6-foot-7 you're not in the best position to win the battle of leverage.  Mebane is one of the best leverage tacticians in the NFL, which means he's going to be using his speed and strength to get up under your pads all day long.  Mebane is a full six inches shorter at 6-foot-1 he's ideally suited for the interior and you're not.  

Why do I know you're going to struggle to win the leverage battle?  Simple Aldon Smith beat you like a 330-pound sack of potatoes with his bull rush.  The bull rush is all about the leverage game.  There's a few ways that a man can beat you in the leverage game, first he can simply out muscle you at the point.   Secondly he can use his speed to get into your body before you get out of your stance and get your arms out to keep separation.  You failed miserably to keep Smith off of your body when he used his speed to get the bull rush, so my optimism isn't very high that you'll win this battle.  

The hope is that your strength as a run blocker will help you in this match up.  More than likely however your lack of athleticism and slow feet will limit the Bears offense.  You don't have the ability to pull and you're not great at getting out to the second level and dealing with faster linebackers.  

While most Bears fans are happy to see you return to the starting lineup, I'm not.  You're not an offensive guard and shouldn't get too comfortable at the position.  Mike Tice should not decide to suddenly allow you to start from here on out even if you perform well.  We just went through this crap with Chris Williams and don't want to replicate with another first round offensive tackle.  

Your job is to get healthy and try to become a serviceable right tackle who starts over the next decade.  

So Chris Spencer get well soon, and Gabe Carimi get ready to move back to the position you belong at.  In the meantime try not to be responsible in getting the QB killed this week.