Peter King’s Monday Morning QB: One on One with Mike Martz

Peter King was out in Lake Forest for the Bears mini-camp and had the chance to talk at length with new offensive coordinator Mike Martz about the offensive talent the Chicago Bears have on the  2010 roster.

In case you haven’t heard Martz has been EXTREMELY complimentary of the talent on this offense, both in Jay Cutler and the wide receivers.  Many have outwardly questioned his high praise of the Bears’ wide receivers, most Bears fans would prefer the Bears add a player with size to the receiving corps.  This type of praise was still evident in this article by Peter King, and even had King wondering if Martz is being a little extreme in his high praise.

Mike MartzKing questioning Martz’s praise is even a bit of a surprise because King himself has been pretty complimentary of the Bears’ wide receiver talent.  Rightfully so in my opinion, the Bears do have a good solid combination of receiving talent and they are young and haven’t yet reached the high point of potential in their careers.   But as King alluded to in the article it’s going to take more than the the skill positions for this offense to succeed.

I’ll cover more on the offensive line later, but this much is apparent the Bears wide receiver unit is extremely underrated and could be a big surprise to us all in 2010.   While there wasn’t one player who excelled at the wide receiver position in 2009, everyone was consistent when they were called up on to perform.  Jay Cutler spread the ball around as well as any QB in the NFL in 2009 and the final numbers prove that.

As I covered in the season review article the Bears receiving options were all collectively productive from Matt Forte Greg Olsen to Knox Hester and Bennett.  Aromashodu’s late season emergence only adds to the strength of this unit and gives Martz players to work with.

I should however cut this short because this article is about King and his interview with Martz and the reasons Martz is so optimistic.  The specifics for the optimism can be found in the link above in the season review and the specifics of what Martz had to say in his one on one conversation can be read here:

Peter King Talks to Mike Martz in his Monday Morning QB article