Vizi Pro Files: Brian Urlacher

Half hour personal interview session from Vizio Pro Files with Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.  Having watched the show I was really impressed with Urlacher.  I think this really puts a personal perspective on who Brian Urlacher really is, and who he still wants to be.  This video was done before his season ending injury, but you can tell he was and still is motivated to be a great player in Chicago.  I think so long as he is healthy, in good shape and can make plays at a level that is of a good linebacker or even amongst the top linebackers in the league he’ll still be a player on this team.


I think given his tenure here in Chicago and all that he has given to this team and the franchise and this city he should be allowed to finish out his career on his terms.  He has done his best and will continue to do  his best and I think in 2010 we may be surprised to see how good he is again.  I hate to say he may be better because he had a year off, but the fact is this injury, if it heals right and he’s able to recover from it fully may actually extend his playing career.

I think Urlacher is one of the best not only players the Bears have ever had but he’s also one of the best people right up there with Payton, Singletary and other greats.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Urlacher as much as I did.