Moving Foward From the Bengals

Jay CutlerI think it’s important to realize that there is nothing going to change with the 2009 Chicago Bears.  We are who we are and it’s important that going forward we realize that this team is still capable of the playoffs if they play their best football.  Obviously it’s up to the coaching staff to prepare this team to play their best football on a weekly basis.



The true measure of this coaching staff will be how they get this team to respond from this point on, that will be how we can decide on how to move forward in the future.  For now Lovie Smith is the coach and he needs to earn his pay by rallying the troops and getting to play their best football from this point on.  Let the chips fall where they may as far as win loss record goes, but just go out and play your best football that you can from now  on.

Some thoughts about how the Bears have looked so far, just quick summary and if you’d like you can follow it up with some of your own thoughts. 

Game 1:  Cutler struggled and made bad decisions and threw  picks O-Line sucked and the running game never got going….defense stepped up it’s game in a couple situations, but overall didn’t play great.

Game 2:  Defense struggled early, and then picked up it’s game and played up to it’s capabilities, Cutler was magnificent and Forte did just enough at certain points to help us win the game.  Overall the rushing attack was bad, and the O-Line was bad.

Jay CutlerGame 3:  Defense again struggled early but then picked it up, Cutler again was phenomenal showing why he was the QB the Bears brought here in the first place.  Run game and offensive line struggled again, were are who we are there on the line.

Game 4:  Defense struggled early again and then found it’s groove big time.  Detroit did a lot to help the defense out , but we thoroughly dominated as we should have at home against the Lions.  Forte showed that if he gets good blocking he can make teams pay.  Cutler again great and in these four games the receivers are coming on and playing well, all of them for the most part.

Game 5:  Defense plays well against a damn good offense, secondary plays it’s best game of the season, Bears clamp down on the Falcons’ rushing attack.  Then the mental mistakes happen and there are plenty of them, they start to cost us big time and eventually they cost us the game.

Game 6: The Bears are flat out dominated in every facet of the game, offense, defense special teams coaching, motivation, intensity…everything.  The one thing that has been overlooked by the media and everyone else is that the Bengals right now look like a team of destiny.  Football is a game  of emotion and with the recent death of the D-coordinators wife for the Bengals it really and truly gave this team a rallying cry and a focal point to focus on.  Team’s playing with emotion can get a lot done with any team.

The Bengals probably could have beaten any team on Sunday, they play like that every week and they could go 19-0.  They played the best game they possibly could have played period.  The Bears never responded from the opening bell probably a little hung over emotionally from losing another close loss to Atlanta and all of our weaknesses were exposed in one fell swoop.

Now moving on the obvious changes that need to be considered and have been talked about, the O-Line.  Obvious one.

The Bears are going to want to redeem themselves, they play the most important part of their schedule over these next few games.  They need to step up and beat the Browns then the Cardinals and the 49ers the Vikings and the Eagles.  All playoff caliber teams that we can beat if we play our best football.

The true measure of Lovie Smith and the Bears will come in these next few games.  If they come out and pick themselves up off the mat and beat down the Browns and then play a hard fought game and beat the Cardinals at home, they’re right back in this race.  The key thing will be winning a big game on the road.  That would be either the 49ers or Eagles game, the Bears need either both of those games and absolutely ONE of those games.