Breaking News Story Tommie Harris Admits to Knee Surgery in March

Finally Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris admitted to why he hasn’t been practicing much at practice during OTAs and during pre-season training camp.


Harris stated to the media today that he had exploratory surgery on his knee in March.  The surgery was to go in and explore what is causing him the constant pain in his knee.

The surgery by all accounts went well, but it was there to clean up some scar tissue from a previous surgery he had.

We finally find out now that Tommie Harris is no where near 100-percent and he let it slip about his knee surgery.

The question now is will Harris be ready to go for the season opener against the Green Bay Packers?  Will his knee be ready, will this be a lingering concern and precisely how much playing time will  Harris see this year.

This is bombshell news that completely shows the lack of credibility the Bears’ organization has.  The fact that no one disclosed Tommie Harris’ knee surgery until now and the Bears stated he was 100-percent was a bald faced lie.

Completely disheartening news to hear that Harris likely is not, and will not be one hundred percent this season and that his knee continues to be a major problem for the Bears.